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A change of hair color can be as good as a face lift for taking years off your age.

Get the hair stylist to do it the first time and then after that you can use seriously good ‘at home’ products yourself if you are on a budget. Excess weight can age you and also make you more self conscious about dating men and getting personal.

If you can afford to do so, join a gym or health club as then you can extend your social circle as well as tone up.

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In this modern day, online dating is a popular way of finding one’s ideal match.

Women of today spend most of their time working, so they do not go out very often to socialize since they are more concerned about their career.

But now they can easily find a date in online dating sites without having to leave home.

They only need to connect to the internet, visit a dating site, and choose someone to talk to.

As a working woman, visiting a dating site maybe the ideal choice for you to get to know someone and build a relationship with that person.

However, online dating means that you only communicate with your companion via the internet; you don’t meet that person directly.

You are only able to know about him and see his pictures from his profile page, and communicate through instant messages.

With so many scams happening online, you have to be more careful when dating on the internet.

Here are some online dating tips that you can follow: 1.

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